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                 10 Ways To Improve Your Childs Behavior, 
                               Self-Esteem & Success 
1. Spend Extensive Time - Happy children never come second or third in a parents list of priorities. They come first. Raising kids that can prevail in this very difficult world takes a lot of time. There are no shortcuts!
2. Find Ways To Succeed - Everyone is good at something if you look hard enough! Keep looking until you find the special area that your child is good at. Then take time to expose them, and support them at it.
3. Walk Your Talk - Lead by example. If you are trying to instill a point, belief, behavior, or ethic that you do not live up to yourself, you will probably fail!
4. School Awareness - Always know what shape your child is in at school, both academically and socially. Don’t be in the dark until ten weeks later, when report cards come out and you receive the shock of your life. Keep in touch, especially if you have reason to suspect problems. My experience shows that children of concerned parents have a better chance at experiencing school as a success.
5. Physical Activities - Your child doesn’t have to be the star of the team, but make movement part of their life. Sports or other physical activities give your child great things like healthy habits, positive escapes from pressure, alternatives to alcohol and drugs, teamwork, friendships and social confidence. Amongst strong, confident, healthy people, drugs are considered foolish and not even considered.
6. Role Models - Children learn from what they see. Be what you want them to be. If you need help, find good examples of people and expose them as much as possible. Single parents - find someone such as a friend, relative, etc. who can be a reliable role model for the missing parent. Good role models need not be found only within the traditional “mom and dad” situation. It’s great if you’ve got that situation, but it’s not the only way to raise great kids.
7. Attend To Yourself - If you have important problems, attend to them. You will greatly influence your child. An “ok” you will have a great chance of raising an “ok’ child.
8. Don’t Be A Perfectionist - Perfect is impossible. It exists as a concept only. Encourage excellence and honest effort. If perfection is all that you accept, you will fail most of the time.
9. Accept Your Role - No teacher, therapist, or other professional helper has the power to influence a child, good or bad that a parent has.
10. Look For Help
- If you wanted to learn about lawn care, singing, math, taxes, or home repair, you would either ask someone skilled in that area or read about the subject yourself. The same principle applies to raising kids. Loads of info exists in bookstores, libraries, or on the Internet. Person to person assistance can be found in many places including schools, counseling offices and social service agencies.



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